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Permission application request support

In the case of starting a new business or trying to advance into a new field, there are many cases where permission, notification, registration etc. of business are necessary.
In many cases these are the work of administrative scrivener and I would like to support these applications for permission and approval as administrative scrivener office.

Approval application for various permits

In a word, there are a wide range of applications such as licensing permission for various business permits, licensing approval for company establishment as mentioned above, licensing and approval of various construction business, opening permission such as transportation industry and eating and drinking establishment.

About accepting new foreign talent

Basically it is an international student or a permanent resident who can hire foreign employees such as part-time jobs etc. In the case of international students, basically it is within 28 hours a week and is permitted in the summer vacation period etc, up to 40 hours a week It has become.
Among them, foreign technical interns are engaged in employment contracts, but they are not directly employed. They are dispatched from supervising organizations that are permitted to dispatch foreign technical intern trainees and are employed by employment.
Since employment is managed by a supervising organization and technical internship is the main, we need to regularly submit a practical training plan to the supervising organization for learning skills while working

Application for residence in Japan, permission for permanent residence, application for naturalization, application for skill training ability, company establishment, application for various permits and approvals will be accepted.